Sports Massage

Sports Massage is not just for people who do sports and exercise.  It can be of benefit to anyone who is experiencing muscular pain or discomfort.  It can help boost circulation which can enable quicker healing, help reduce swelling around joints, and relax muscles that have been retaining tension.

Sports Massage is a deep pressure treatment aimed at helping promote better movement rather than the more relaxed based or non sports massage treatments.  

Sports Massage is about targeting specific areas pain or discomfort where repetitive movements, muscular imbalances and poor biomechanics may have created a build up of tension or pain.  More specific techniques are used to release tension and support better movement.

It is important that clients feel comfortable throughout their treatment so please wear loose comfortable clothing with shorts underneath and ladies should wear a normal bra not a sports bra.  There are plenty of towels available to ensure modesty and to keep you warm throughout the treatment.


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