I regularly use Kinesio Tape in the Clinic with great results.  It can be used to support a quicker recovery and encourages better movement through reducing pain and inflammation, as it lifts the skin (decompression) enabling an increase in space around the muscles and nerves. 

It can be applied in number of ways to help re-educate the neuromuscular system due to its sensory effect.  It can be used to encourage a better posture, to help rehabilitate an injury such as a hamstring strain or to reduce swelling and bruising around a recent injury.

I have trained with Rocktape and am a qualified RockDoc.  I use the premium tape Rocktape in the Clinic to ensure that I provide the best treatment for my clients.   An assessment by me will determine how the tape is applied and what additional treatments may be required.


£15 Kinesio Tape application only

FREE Taping as part of a treatment 

It is important to consult me before considering taping to ensure that it is appropriate for you.


Tel: 07931 133998