Top 6 Tips to Staying Injury Free When Exercising




It's the start of the New Year and the time when people tend to start to exercise more as they aim to become fitter and healthier. 


It is important to start slowly and build up your training over time to avoid over training and to prevent injury. 

Overuse injuries can be caused by repeated motions or impact which can cause muscles and joints to become inflamed and irritated, and this can happen when you start training too intensely too soon.  It is natural for your body to feel a bit sore as you start to exercise but you don't want to over do it so that you need to take too much time out from your training and then potentially lose your motivation.


We all know that regular exercise has both physical and emotional benefits but it is important to stay safe when training. 


Here are 6 top tips to staying injury free


1. Train at your level

Don't try to keep up with everyone else!  Go at your own pace; start slowly and build up to a more intense level.  This way you will avoid over stresssing your body and risking injury.


2. Wear the right gear

Ensure that your shoes fit properly and are appropriate for the activity.


3. Cross Train

Enjoy a range of exercises to balance the workout intensity on your body.  For example if you have started running then include swimming or spinning which are non weight bearing activities but are still aerobic to maintain fitness.


4. Recovery/Sleep

Ensure you have a least one rest day a week and make sure you get good quality sleep.   This is key for your well-being and essential for our bodies to repair effectively.


5. Diet/Hydration

Hydration is key and an essential part of any training plan.  Drink plenty of water before, during and post exercise.  Ensure you eat a balanced diet, including enough protein for your body weight, choose wholegrain, avoid processed foods where possible and eat lots of fruit and vegetables.


6. Sports Massage

There are a number of benefits to having regular sports massage when you are exercising regularly.  It improves circulation which brings fresh blood to tired muscles, improves flexibility and range of motion which can result in increased power and can help prevent and heal injuries through preventing and breaking down adhesions.